Vanessa Hudgens Blogs About Her Sister Stella Hudgens

August 14, 2011 • By Home

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens‘ latest blog post about her sister Stella Hudgens:

“So after Stella and I encountered those pesky paparazzi the other day, we had a mini shoot in the car while we tried to figure out where to eat.

I got tired of the feeling that my head cant beathe and tore off my wig (the other day i went to a wig shoppe cause i truley miss having hair to play with and got myself some fun stuff… only problem is, they suck to wear. hahahaha) and finally made it to the lykke li concert at the greek theatre.

A) i love the greek theatre with every bone in my body. such an amazing spot that brings you great music and some of mother nature and B) holy hell lykke li is epic! Ive been a fan of hers for a while now but her voice, the songs, show… overall just blew my mind. Stella and i bought her concert tee, ran down to the pit and danced out little hearts out. Something we are quite good at. lol

Overall, a pretty epic day =)”

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