Kathy Griffin’s Message To Justin Bieber

August 26, 2011 • By Home

Jim Carrey recently recorded a video message for “The Amazing Spider-Man” actress Emma Stone, which he said was meant to be a joke, but it seems many of Jim and Emma’s fans didn’t find the video all that funny. Jim professed his love to the actress and spoke of the life they would lead together if he was a more “age-appropriate” choice for her to be with.

Comedian Kathy Griffin took Jim’s message and ran with it, deciding to make one of her own. Kathy tells Justin Bieber that she would love to “go steady” with him, but not get married! She comments on Justin’s hair and says she would like to adopt kids with him! We wonder if Justin will comment on Kathy’s video?

Neither video is super appropriate to share with you here, but we’ve linked to the videos below if you would like to check them out!

Jim Carrey’s Video Message To Emma Stone

Kathy Griffin’s Video Message To Justin Bieber

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