ABC’s “Modern Family” Christmas 2011 Episode

August 31, 2011 • By Home

Modern Family” executive producer Christopher Lloyd revealed details about the 2011 “Modern Family” Christmas episode to Here’s what he had to say about the most likely hilarious episode:

We have a Christmas show, which is actually set a couple weeks ahead of Christmas. The family starts going over their various family plans — Mitch [Jesse Tyler Ferguson] and Cam [Eric Stonestreet] are going back to see his family, Jay [Ed O’Neill] and Gloria [Sofia Vergara] are heading out of town. They’ve all been under the assumption that there must be some day where they all overlap to celebrate Christmas, and they realize that day is today. It’s pairings that we haven’t seen very often before. For example, we have Gloria and Luke [Nolan Gould] off together to get the Christmas tree. We have Phil [Ty Burrell] and Manny [Rico Rodriguez] off to procure presents. We have Jay and Cam off together. It becomes a little bit of an examination of the family you’re born with and the family you inherit, as depicted in these unusual pairings of characters.

We can’t wait for this episode! “Modern Family” comes back to ABC on September 21st at 9/8c!

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