Disney’s “Prom” Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack Review

August 31, 2011 • By Home

Just yesterday Disney’s movie “Prom” arrived in the following formats: Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack, DVD, Movie Download and On-Demand. The movie stars the following actors:

– Aimee Teegarden (“Friday Night Lights”)
– Thomas McDonell (“The Forbidden Kingdom”)
– Danielle Campbell (“Prison Break,” “StarStruck”)
– Yin Chang (“Gossip Girl”)
– Nicholas Braun (“10 Things I Hate About You”)
– Jared Kusnitz (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”)
– Jonathan Keltz (“Entourage”)
– De’Vaughn Nixon (“Sonny with a Chance”)
– Nolan Sotillo (“Corey and Lucas for the Win”)
– Cameron Monaghan (“Corey and Lucas for the Win”)
– Raini Rodriguez (“I’m in the Band,” “Austin & Ally”)

In the movie the entire high school is excited for the upcoming prom, but will everyone be able to go with the date they are hoping to take? It doesn’t seem likely! “Friday Night Lights” star Aimee Teegarden has to get prom back in order after all of the decorations she and her friends worked all year on are ruined in a fire. Thomas McDonell ends up coming to her rescue, even though he isn’t pleased about it! The duo work through their differences and make prom into the night of their dreams!

Whether you have gone to your own prom already, or if you are waiting on the edge of your seat for it to arrive in your future, you’ll be able to relate to the characters in the movie. Between the relationships they forge and break with one another, and the hopes they have for after high school and beyond, you’ll love following along with each of their stories that all come together when prom night arrives.

Here are the bonus features for the DVD:

– Putting on PROM: Making of Featurette
– Bloopers

Here are the bonus features for the Blu-ray:

– Everything on the DVD, plus…
– “Last Chance Lloyd” Exclusive Short — Laugh out loud at all the creative and hilarious ways Lloyd (Nicholas Braun) asks girls to Prom in his heroic quest for the perfect date…actually, any date!
– 4 Deleted Scenes—With introductions by producer Justin Springer and director Joe Nussbaum.
– 7 Music Videos:
– Allstar Weekend—“Not Your Birthday”
– Neon Trees—“Your Surrender”
– Moon—“Time Stand”
– Nolan Sotillo—“We Could Be Anything” (English version)
– Nolan Sotillo—“Juntos Lo Haremos Bien” (Spanish version)
– Those Dancing Days—“I’ll Be Yours”
– Girl In A Coma—“Come On, Let’s Go”

Here are the bonus features for the movie download:

– Everything on the DVD, plus…
– 3 Music Videos:
– Allstar Weekend—“Not Your Birthday”
– Neon Trees—“Your Surrender”
– Moon—“Time Stand”

“Prom” star Raini Rodriguez ran out to the store yesterday to buy a copy of the movie! Here’s what she posted along with the picture below:

Got off of work and went out to buy my copy of Prom (:

Let us know if you see “Prom” and what you think!

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