Justin Bieber Doll Commercial Causes Controversy With His Fans

September 25, 2011 • By Home

Below you can check out a new commercial for Justin Bieber dolls. When you watch, pay careful attention to the “fans” in the commercial.

If you read the comments on the video, Justin’s fans are seriously upset. They don’t think that they act anything like the girls in the commercial do. Here are just some examples of the comments this video has received:

THIS is why people hate Beliebers. We aren’t all like that, believe me!

Is that seriously what people think beliebers act like….

I hate this commercial. it makes us all seem like a bunch of 12 year old girls that spend all of our time looking at his hair and arguing over who’s his biggest fan.

Just for kicks, here’s our favorite comment:

The doll looks like zac efron o.O

It does seem like the doll company still doesn’t know that Justin got a hair cut months ago. What do you think about Justin Bieber, the JB doll, and the commercial above?

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