Is Kevin Jonas’ New Reality Show About Having A Baby?

September 29, 2011 • By Home

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are currently filming a reality show that is being executive produced by Ryan Seacrest. Ryan doesn’t normally get behind things that aren’t going to get huge ratings, so it leads us to believe that there is something big in the works for Kevin and Danielle – like a baby.

Kevin hasn’t been in the news a lot lately. He and the Jonas Brothers haven’t toured in what seems like forever, and unlike Nick working on music for other artists and Joe working on his own solo music, Kevin hasn’t done anything new lately. So, what would his reality show be about? He and Danielle have been married for too long to call it a show about being newlyweds, and with the Jonas Brothers not being as big as they used to be, a show about Kevin wouldn’t be as exciting to fans as it would have been a couple of years ago…

So, we think something really exciting has to be happening in Kevin and Danielle’s life right now. Like, Kevin having a new job we don’t know about. Or, Danielle starting a fashion line or becoming an actress. Or, the cute husband and wife having a baby!

Take to the comments section and let us know what YOU think Kevin and Danielle will reveal in their new reality show!

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