Halloween Costume Ideas – Toy Story Characters

October 3, 2011 • By Home

We’re getting really excited for the Halloween holiday, and we hope you are too! We’ve been giving you some ideas for Halloween – including CeCe and Rocky costumes from the Disney Channel Original Series “Shake It Up” – and now we want to show you how you can dress up as your favorite Disney/Pixar “Toy Story” characters! There are SO many to choose from, but we’ll just list the most popular ones:

– Woody
– Buzz Lightyear
– Jessie
– Lots O Huggin Bear
– Ken
– Barbie
– Rex
– Mr. Potato Head
– Mrs. Potato Head
– Hamm

You can buy many of these costumes pre-made in stores. However, if you want to get creative then here’s what we recommend!


For Woody you can wear some jeans and a shirt that you’ve drawn a star badge on to – you can use either a sharpie marker, or try some puffy paint. Then, invest in a cowboy hat and wear some boots and a red bandanna – voila, you look like Woody from the Toy Story movies! (If you want to get really detailed you can wear a vest and sew black and white spots on it!)


Buzz is a bit more difficult than Woody, but still possible! Make sure to dress in as much green, purple and white as you can. Get a white T-shirt and draw all of Buzz’s buttons and gadgets onto it, using markers to make the buttons colorful. And don’t forget to have your laser beam with you – you can tape a laser pointer to your arm or design your own cuff to wear with the laser pointer attached to!


For Jessie you can do just what you’d have to do for Woody. Then, you can either draw or sew on the yellow cuffs and the collar if you want to get detailed. Grab a red cowboy hat, throw on some boots and wear jeans. If you get really creative you can sew or color black cow print onto white pants!

Lots O Huggin Bear

A giant, fuzzy Lotso costume would be awesome, but you can do a less over-the-top version at home! Buy a fushia shirt or sweatshirt, sweatpants and gloves. Then buy, or make, some bear ears. You can use a headband and some cardboard, cutting out half circles for the ears and taping them onto the headband. Aww, as long as you’re the color of Lotso, everyone will know who you are!

Ken and Barbie

Ken and Barbie are super simple! Just think of any Ken doll or Barbie doll you’ve ever seen in the store. Replicate their hairstyle by using some strong hair product for ken, or straightening your hair (or wearing a wig) for Barbie. Then, thrown on an over the top outfit and you can call yourself Ken or Barbie any day!


Green, green and more green! Dress in green and hold your arms in front of you like Rex does! Make yourself a tail and sew it onto your pants and you’re a genuine Rex from “Toy Story”! At least Rex is a friendly dinosaur, or else the other trick-or-treaters might run away from you since you’ll look so real!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

This costume would be really time intensive, but with a lot of care you could pull it off. We can picture a paper mache costume, or a cardboard costume, or something else really creative. You’ll have to make sure to carry around an extra set of eyes with you that you make, just in case you lose yours like Mrs. Potato Head does in “Toy Story 3″!


Wear pink, and lots of it! Again, use a headband and glue some pig ears onto it. Then, use some fuzzy pipe cleaners to make yourself a tail and attach it to your pants! You can even pick up a piggy nose at a Halloween costume store and wear that too if you wanted! And if you really want people to know that you’re Hamm from “Toy Story” you can draw a piggy bank slot on your back and carry around some coins!

Be sure to let us know if you plan on dressing up as any of the “Toy Story” characters this Halloween!

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