Disney’s “Prep & Landing” Available On DVD

November 27, 2011 • By Home

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released “Prep & Landing” on DVD! Not only will you be able to watch the animated television special, but you’ll also get two bonus shorts – “Tiny’s Big Adventure” and “Operation Secret Santa” – which features the voice of Betty White as Mrs. Claus!

We thought “Prep & Landing” was adorable! AND, it had a fabulous message about not being selfish during the holidays. We were surprised how many celebrities had lent their voice to the 2009 special as well. Here are some of the stars you’ll hear in “Prep & Landing,”

Dave Foley as Wayne
Derek Richardson as Lanny
Sarah Chalke as Magee
Mason Vale Cotton as Timmy Terwelp
David DeLuise as Dancer
Peter Jacobson as Waterkotte
Lino DiSalvo as Gristletoe Joe
William Morgan Sheppard as The Big Guy
Nathan Greno as Dasher
Hayes MacArthur as Thrasher
Kasha Kropinski as Miss Holly

In the movie we learn that there are a group of elves that make sure each of our homes is ready for Santa Claus to arrive. The team has to make sure there is room for the gifts under the Christmas tree, they have to make sure the stockings are hung correctly, and that the milk and cookies are there for Santa. One of the prep and landing elves, Wayne, is upset that he didn’t receive a promotion that he thought he would get. Instead, the promotion went to his former partner.

Wayne begins his prep and landing work with little care, leaving his newbie partner Lanny to do most of the work. Lanny has a lot to learn about the prep and landing job though and Wayne’s refusal to help out almost costs one child his Merry Christmas! Wayne finally turns his attitude around and works with Lanny to save Christmas!

Here are the bonus features on the “Prep & Landing” DVD:

Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer Shorts:
– “Tiny’s Big Adventure” – The assistant to the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center is trying to make a pot of coffee and in the process, accidentally ruins the eleves’ break room.
– “Operation Secret Santa” – Lead eleves Lanny and Wayne are sent on a special assignment by Mrs. Claus (voice of Betty White) into Santa’s office.

Prep & Landing Kringle Academy Training Videos
– Elfdate.com, The Fruitcake Factory, Spa Navidad
– Welcome to Kringle Academy
– Kringle Academy Equipment Training
– Academy Do’s and Dont’s

We highly recommend picking up “Prep & Landing” on DVD! It’s the perfect family-friendly special for the holiday season!

P.S. The special was Executive Produced by John Lasseter!

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