Kidd Kraddick Comments On The Selena Gomez Rumors

November 30, 2011 • By Home

Rumors were flying earlier this week that radio personality Kidd Kraddick had made a comment on the air about wanting Selena Gomez’s mom to have a miscarriage. Even Selena believed the rumors, Tweeting her disappointment in Kidd. However, it turns out that while Kidd did talk about how he feels that Selena’s mom is a bit old to be having a baby, especially with already having a daughter who is 19 years old, but he didn’t ever say anything like what the rumors were.

Kidd took to Twitter to comment on what happened:

@selenagomez Never said one word about a miscarriage, abortion, or anything of the kind. It’s completely made up.

For those who don’t know us and might think otherwise, we NEVER said anything about a miscarriage or abortion this morning.

I’m told that Selena and Justin both deleted their tweets. If true, thank you to both.


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