“All My Children” And “One Life To Live” Will Not Air Online

December 2, 2011 • By Home

The soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” were set to air online, however the company that had promised that the shows would arrive on the interent, Prospect Park, has revealed in a statement that they will no longer be able to do so. Here’s the statement:

“After five months of negotiations with various guilds, hundreds of presentations to potential financial and technology partners, and a hope that we could pioneer a new network for the future, it is with great disappointment that we are suspending our aspirations to revive One Life to Live and All My Children via online distribution. It is now becoming clear that mounting issues make our ability to meet our deadlines to get OLTL on the air in a reasonable time period following its January 13, 2012 ABC finale impossible. We believe we exhausted all reasonable options apparent to us, but despite enormous personal, as well as financial cost to ourselves, we failed to find a solution…While we narrowed in on a financial infrastructure, the contractual demands of the guilds, which regulate our industry, coupled with the program’s inherent economic challenges ultimately led to this final decision,” the statement continues. “In the end, the constraints of the current marketplace, including the evolution and impact of new media on our industry simply proved too great a match for even our passion.”

Are you bummed?

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