Demi Lovato Answers Fans Questions December 26, 2011

December 27, 2011 • By Home

Demi Lovato answered a bunch of her fans questions on Twitter last night! Demi answered each question with either “True” or “False.” Check it out:

“@Juz10Bi3ber: @ddlovato True or false – you love your fans more than anything? If it’s true.. We love you too Demi!!!” True :)

“@TheQuotesSide: @ddlovato Is it true your tooth brush is purple? (Yeah I just guessed the colour)” false….. Hahaha

“@lessibieber: @ddlovato Are u and selena still Best friends?! xo” true!

“@nicoledanielle_: @ddlovato True or False: You have more than 20 pairs of shoes?” true! Hahaha

“@M1ssRadioActive: @ddlovato True Or False…Do red heads have more fun?” TRUE ;)

“@SmileForBieb: @ddlovato are you reading this tweet? true or false? -.-” true :)

“@PurpleBiebsSwag: @ddlovato True or False? you miss being on “Sonny With a Chance?”” true :(

“@itsbyron: @ddlovato True or False??? You LOVE Rosoces Chicken and Waffles!!” omg TRUE

“@dianna_lamb: @ddlovato You love shopping?” true!!!!

“@lumourinho: @ddlovato is @kelly_clarkson your idol??” true!!!!

“@ddlinspires: @ddlovato True or false.. do you own a pillow pet?(:” …………..true

“@FrancesCramer: @ddlovato True or False? Have you ever been in love?” true

“@Xx_KirraaanxX: @ddlovato are you against bullying? TRUE OR FALSE?” true

“@honourfxo: @ddlovato you love performing in front of crowds?” true

“@WeRockGomez: @ddlovato True or False ???? you secretly dm to your fans ????” hehe true ;)

“@AlexisRoday: @ddlovato Do you like Adam Levine?” true :)

“@AmiraOkelly: @ddlovato you believe beauty has nothing to do with weight. true or false” TRUE

“@JibbySid: @ddlovato True or False: you love your guy #Lovatics as much as your girl #Lovatics d:” True :)


“@alex_maci: @ddlovato true or false? Are you against cyberbullying?” true

“@kyleiswhoa: @ddlovato you hate all time low???????????????” false!!!

“@itstaylorcox: @ddlovato True or false? Aliens exist (;” TRUE

“@PaoZambrano17: @ddlovato it is true that your favorite color is black?” false!

“@HeloiseGrande: @ddlovato YOU LOVE SUBWAY RESTAURANTS!? 8” true haha

“@TeamDemiLovato: @ddlovato do you love touring and seeing your fans?????????” true :)

“@OhSoLikeBieber: @ddlovato guys should treat girls right. t or f?” TRUE

“@SwiftSplash: @ddlovato you love Japan? true or false :)”true!

“@MCKLove9: @ddlovato true or false, you’ve seen my tattoo, inspired by you.. .” true! It’s beautiful

“@Nazanin69Biebs: @ddlovato you saw ufos?? True or false?” true!!!

“@bieberssguitar: @ddlovato DO YOU LIKE @RIHANNA? TRUE OR FALSE? :) 2” true!!

“@OhMyJamesMaslow: @ddlovato you hate mcDonalds?” false!!

“@aimeepincock: @ddlovato is or true you put pickle juice on popcorn like I do?!?!?!” true

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