The Guys From Big Time Rush Think Justin Bieber Is An Alien!

December 31, 2011 • By Home

During an interview with AOL Music the guys from Nickelodeon’s boy band Big Time Rush spilled that they think Justin Bieber is an alien! The guys were on the subject of rumors starting on the web and the interviewer asked the following question:

“Well, that’s how rumors get started. How many times has Justin Bieber been killed now … 10 … 11?”

And here’s how the guys responded:

Kendall Schmidt:

Well he’s not a real human being. He’s an alien.

Carlos Pena

He’s died a few times. Come back to life. Like a cat. Nine lives.

Kendall Schmidt

When Justin Bieber goes home, he like, takes off his skin like Oprah takes off her’s, like because, he’s an alien.

James Maslow

I feel like most people really wouldn’t be freaked out. They’d be like, ‘OK, makes sense. I feel a little better about the situation now.’

Kendall Schmidt

Just kidding!!! He’s a nice kid. A nice little alien. He’s a nice … ‘kid’.

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