Vanessa Hudgens Tells Faces Magazine She Doesn’t Want To Make Movies For Kids

January 25, 2012 • By Home

We love that Vanessa Hudgens got her start with the Disney Channel franchise “High School Musical,” but ever since then she has been sprinting away from her Disney fans and squeaky clean image.

Now, Vanessa graces the cover of Face’s Magazine, and the quote on the cover makes us laugh a little. Here it is:

I’m going to be doing movies kids can’t watch.

It’s one thing to be in adult roles, it’s another to broadcast it. We get that Vanessa wants to grow up, and we have no issue with that. But, does she have to push away all of the fans that made her famous to do that? We’re not sure.

Even though Vanessa’s new movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” is family-friendly, the promotional tour Vanessa has embarked on has shown that she has no interest in the family-friendly aspect of the film. The radio interviews she has done have been very mature, so much so that we won’t even post them here.

It just feels like Vanessa is trying to shed some good-girl image she thinks she has – even with her massive amounts of PDA with boyfriend Austin Butler that have been caught on camera. We’re just not sure we understand what she’s trying to prove, and why she feels she has to take such drastic measures to shed her Disney image.

We get that Vanessa wants to be an adult, but there’s acting grown up and then there’s acting grown up with class without upsetting the young fans who made her millions of dollars.


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