Demi Lovato Returns To Twitter For Seventeen Magazine Q&A

January 28, 2012 • By Home

Demi Lovato returned to Twitter for a Seventeen Magazine Q&A with her fans. Here are the Tweets:

Hey guys I’m back to twitter just for a little bit to do a twitterview with@seventeenmag! Tweet your questions to #17Demi

“@seventeenmag: RT@zoeldbtr: What’s the nicest things a fan has done 4 you? #17demi” Sent me a Christmas present for every song on my album

“@seventeenmag: RT @DDOVATORALLY: Will you ever put out a concert DVD? #17demi” Yes, I would love to!

“@seventeenmag: @ddlovato @JBrosHPFan4ever: What is the thing you like most when you’re working with 17mag #17demi” how well they treat me!

“@seventeenmag: @ddlovato @TRkmForever: what is the next single from the album #17demi” Give Your Heart a Break

“@heyitssami_:Demi, what do you do to talk yourself out of an ugly day? #17demi” look in the mirror and tell myself “U R beautifully made!”

“@seventeenmag: @ddlovato RT@@TayLouisse: Do you have any advice for me? I really want to be a singer. #17demi” follow your dreams. xo

“@seventeenmag: @ddlovato RT@JulianaRocha: Who are some of your favorite role models? #17demi” Kelly Clarkson, Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson!

“@seventeenmag: @ddlovato RT@TrueLoveJonato: What do you like most in your fans? #17demi” they stick by me through everything!!

“@seventeenmag: Last question! RT@@wordsunspoken22: What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you? #17demi” Never lose yourself!

Thanks @seventeenmag and everyone for tuning into my twitterview, now back to my break. xo

What questions do YOU have for Demi?

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