DreamWorks Animation “Rise Of The Guardians” Movie Posters

February 15, 2012 • By Home

Here are two posters for DreamWorks Animation’s “Rise Of The Guardians.” The movie will arrive in theaters on November 21, 2012 and is about a group of heroes who each have extraordinary abilities. BleedingCool.com revealed the following plot details for the movie:

“When an evil spirit called Pitch becomes bent upon taking over the world by inspiring fear in the hearts of kids everywhere, a group of our greatest heroes — Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost — band together for the first time, determined to stand in Pitch’s way. More than a collection of storybook subjects, The Guardians are also a band of superheroes, who possess their own special powers. Now joined in opposition of a common foe, the Guardians heed the call and combine their powers to defeat Pitch and protect the world from his campaign of fear.”

Here’s a list of actors voicing characters in the movie:

– Chris Pine as Jack Frost
– Alec Baldwin as North
– Hugh Jackman as Bunnymund
– Isla Fisher as Tooth
– Jude Law as Pitch
– Dakota Goyo as Jamie

Are you excited for this movie to arrive?

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