Warner Bros. Is Mad At Disney For Releasing “Oz: The Great And Powerful” Movie

February 15, 2012 • By Home

It sounds like Warner Bros. is mad at Disney for the upcoming release of the movie “Oz: The Great And Powerful.” The film is a prequel movie to Warner Bros. “The Wizard of Oz,” and is set to arrive in theaters on March 8, 2013.

According to SlashFilm.com, rather than making sure that store shelves are stocked with the original movie so that fans can catch up before they head to theaters to see Disney’s film, Warner Bros. is taking a stand against Disney’s new movie and no longer sending copies of the original movie to stores as of May 1, 2012. The original “Wizard of Oz” movie will be out of stock in stores until late in 2013 when Warner Bros. releases a 75th anniversary edition.

Does Warner Bros. think people won’t go see Disney’s new movie if they can’t get their hands on the original? We highly doubt that will be the case. Plus, wouldn’t Warner Bros. want to make money off the original movie by having it available for purchase when Disney’s version arrives? We’re confused!

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