ABC Family Making “Home Alone 5″ Movie

March 16, 2012 • By Home

The ABC Family Channel has just announced that they are making a “Home Alone 5″ movie! All we know so far is that Macaulay Culkin’s original character Kevin McCallister will not be a part of the movie, instead the TV film will center on an 8-year-old character named Finn (played by Christian Martin).

In the movie, Finn will be stuck in a house in Maine with his sister (Jodelle Ferland) while their parents are stuck on the opposite end of town! Finn will spend the movie setting traps in order to catch ghosts he think live in the old house, but the traps end up catching some thieves who show up instead!

The movie will arrive on the ABC Family Channel in December 2013 as part of ABC Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas programming. We’ll keep you posted.

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