Are Bella Thorne And Pia Mia Still Friends After Bella’s Brother And Pia Mia Split?

April 6, 2012 • By Home

Ever since Bella Thorne’s brother Remy Thorne traveled with her to Dubai to promote her hit Disney Channel Original Series “Shake It Up,” we’ve been wondering if he and his girlfriend Pia Mia were still together. The two didn’t send any public Tweets to each other, and Pia Mia seemed to be a bit down – aww!

We thought now that Bella and Remy are back in the US the brother and sister pair would hang out with Pia Mia, their BFF and GF respectively. However, that hasn’t been the case yet – leading us to believe that Remy and Pia Mia have split.

Our condolences to the couple, we hope they are able to get past this and keep their spirits up!

The real question is though…are Pia Mia and Bella still BFFs now that Remy and Pia Mia are over? The two lovely ladies haven’t been seen together, and haven’t sent any messages to each other in quite some time. Do you think they’re still friends, or have they hit a rough patch?

No matter what is going on we still can’t wait to watch more episodes of “Shake It Up” and hear more song covers from Pia Mia! Plus, if Bella and Pia were to get together for a “Bubblegum Boy” sequel song we would be psyched!

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