Taylor Swift Wants To Launch Her Film Career

April 13, 2012 • By Home

Taylor Swift has been trying to launch her film career for a while now, but she wants to make sure that she is a part of the right movies. Here’s what Taylor revealed during an interview with Entertainment Inquirer:

I’ve been reading scripts for about five years— just kind of under the radar, asking my agents to please send me everything that might be good. In my free time I just read and read. When I look at acting careers that I really admire, I see that it’s been a precise decision-making process for these people. They make decisions based on what they love and they do only the things that they are passionate about. They play only characters that they can’t stop thinking about.

If I got a script that I thought was OK and a character that I kind of liked and could pull off but wasn’t obsessed with, that would be unfair to someone else who might be obsessed with that character. So if I do a movie, you will know I cannot think of anything other than that character. I’m such a fan of great writing and great storytelling. I’m looking for great, powerful writing behind whatever cast is surrounding it, whatever director is steering it—that would all be peripheral to the fact that the story is brilliant and has to be told.

We can’t wait to see which movie Taylor wants to be a part of next! In the meantime though, Taylor is recording her next album!

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