Liam Hemsworth Signs On For “Paranoia” Movie With Harrison Ford And Gary Oldman

April 14, 2012 • By Home

Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who stars in “The Hunger Games,” has just signed on for a new movie “Paranoia” based on the book by Joseph Finder. Other stars in the movie include Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman (“Harry Potter”). Here’s a description of the novel from Amazon:

“It was only a prank: diverting cash from Wyatt Telecom’s executive slush fund to throw a retirement bash for a member of the loading dock crew. But when corporate security catches up with Adam Cassidy, a low ambition junior staffer at the high-tech behemoth, they call it something else: embezzlement, to the tune of nearly $80 grand.

Ruthless CEO Nick Wyatt is impressed by Adam’s scheming, and offers him one way out-take on the role of a rising corporate hotshot and infiltrate Wyatt’s rival, Trion Systems. His mission is to get close to Trion’s legendary founder Jock Goddard, and his ultra-secret ‘Project Aurora,’ and report back to Wyatt.

With Wyatt pulling the strings and a dramatically improved identity, Adam is set up as Trion’s new boy genius. Suddenly, he’s got a sweet new Porsche, a closet full of $1,500 suits, and even a lovely lady who thinks he’s a dream. But it’s all just a mirage, because Adam is about to learn that nothing is what it seems and that it isn’t paranoia…everyone is out to get him…”

“Paranoia” is being directed by Robert Luketic.

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