Ariel Winter Watches Disney’s “Aladdin” For The Very First Time

April 28, 2012 • By Home

No way! “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter had never seen Disney’s “Aladdin” until last night! Ariel hung out with her co-star Sarah Hyland and watched the movie, and of course loved it! Here’s what Sarah shared about the experience:

So @arielwinter1 came over tonight & watched Aladdin for the first time EVER. I swear on my life I will have this girl see EVERY Disney film.

And Ariel added:

@Sarah_Hyland lol!!! Love you girl<3 movie night every week? <3333 Jasmine's outfits? Lets buy some. Thanks to @Sarah_Hyland & @mattpro13 for watching Aladdin with me and showing me NSYNC, BACKSTREET BOYS, & TLC:) love you guys!

We declare this weekend a Disney movie marathon weekend! Let us know which titles YOU plan on watching!

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