Will Jaden Smith Star In “Men In Black 4″?

May 18, 2012 • By Home

There’s a chance that Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith will take over his “Men In Black” role if a fourth film in the franchise is ever made. Here’s what “Men In Black III” director Barry Sonnenfeld said about wanting Jaden to star in the next movie, via PerezHilton.com:

Will’s kind of really smart, but as I said, kind of really annoying, too much energy. When he would get too rambunctious, I would tell him that for Men in Black 4, Will is out and Jaden Smith is in. … If we continue on this path, it won’t be released until 2032 but it will be da** good. It all goes into the same pot; it doesn’t matter which Smith brings it in. So I am sure he will be fine with it.

Too funny! Do you want Jaden to star in a “Men In Black” movie in the future?

Get ready for “Men In Black III” to arrive in theaters on May 25, 2012!

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