Justin Bieber Is Not Having Good Luck With His “All Around The World” Promo Tour

June 2, 2012 • By Home

Justin Bieber is traveling the world to promote his upcoming “Believe” album. While on tour Justin is performing a number of secret shows for his fans, and each of them is being taped for his “Justin Bieber Believe: All Around The World” TV special. Something seems to be going wrong at each of the shows though!

First, 50 people were injured at Justin’s concert in Oslo, Norway. Then, Justin suffered a concussion at his concert in Paris, France after walking into a glass wall. Now Justin has revealed that people were being taken out of his concert at a club in Paris, France due to the heat in the building.

Finished the club show. did a couple extra songs…it was so hot in there!! every1 was passing out. crazy…even i at the end was like damn! back in my room now drinking ALOT of water…cooling down…PARIS you have been AMAZING!! that last show though was on some mj status with everyone getting pulled out. anyone post vids from the acoustic part?

Yikes! Hopefully Justin’s luck turns around!

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