Did Miley Cyrus Force Liam Hemsworth To Get Engaged?

June 12, 2012 • By Home

Yikes! A source has come forward to reveal that Miley Cyrus practically forced Liam Hemsworth to ask her to marry him. We’re not sure we believe this since the two seem unbelievably happy together, but here’s a quote from the source via HollywoodLife:

Miley is feeling insecure about her career right now and about her relationship. Liam’s career is sky-rocketing and Miley is afraid that he will eventually dump her, so she gave him an ultimatum: ‘Marry me or I will dump you,’ Miley has so many issues to work out right now and getting married is just a major distraction. She has absolutely no direction from her parents… they just want Liam to take care of Miley, so they don’t have to.

Wow…what do YOU think about this? Take to the comments section to let us know!

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