Emily Osment Has New Folk Music On The Way

June 13, 2012 • By Home

Former “Hannah Montana” star Emily Osment just announced that she has been working on music with a guy she met in college! Emily is straying away from the pop sound we are used to hearing from her, and she is trying out folk music! Here’s Emily’s message to her fans:

Hope all is well! Lot’s to share about the new music project. I left my label quite some time ago and I am now pursuing that folky sound I have always dreamed of. Of course, when you’re doing it all on your own it takes a bit longer, but I’m still here, we’re still here, and out we go with it now! The dashing fellow you can see pictured all over is my friend Daniel! We write everything just the twosies of us and we’ve been having a grand ole time. We met in college and have been jamming ever since. Hang on for the ride, cos it’ll be a doozy. ♥ Any questions?

We can’t wait to hear Emily’s music when it arrives!

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