Debby Ryan “Radio Rebel” And “16 Wishes” Giveaway

June 18, 2012 • By Home

Here is some awesome news for any Debby Ryan fan! We are giving away three huge Debby Ryan prize packs! Each prize pack includes:

– “Radio Rebel” DVD signed by Debby
– “Radio Rebel” CD Soundtrack
– “16 Wishes” DVD
– “16 Wishes” CD Soundtrack

Radio Rebel” arrives on DVD and digital download on June 19, 2012. Here’s a description of the movie:

To everyone in her home town, Tara Adams (Debby Ryan) is just an ordinary high school junior, except for one thing…she has a secret identity. Truth is, she’s actually Radio Rebel, the most popular DJ in Seattle! In person, Tara is a nondescript, socially under-the-radar, teenager; but get her behind the mic and she becomes Radio Rebel, the coolest personality on the air! This unique status is desperately in need at the moment as her school is in the midst of a clique-crisis. Radio Rebel gives voice to all kids, popular and unpopular alike, and she publicly questions the status quo, which does not sit well with the principle who is determined to uncover Radio Rebel’s true identity. On top of all that, mean girl Stacy is intent on coming between Tara and cute boy Gavin. As push comes to shove, Tara must decide between keeping her alter ego a secret, or being true to herself: a choice with major repercussions.

Enter below for your chance to win a Debby Ryan “Radio Rebel” and “16 Wishes” prize pack!

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