Justin Bieber Lies About His Name During 911 Call About The Paparazzi Following Him

July 9, 2012 • By Home

Justin Bieber made things a little difficult for the 911 operator when he called in to report that the paparazzi were following him. Justin made the call after he was initially pulled over for driving recklessly to get away from the photographers, and as he went on his way they began tailing him again.

Justin lied to the operator about his last name, and he didn’t give her any details about how he was a celebrity being followed by paparazzi, instead making it seem like he was being followed by random people who he had no idea who they were or why they were tailing him.

Justin then wouldn’t give the operator details about his car, aside from telling her over and over that it was a Fisker – now unless you know expensive cars really well you might not know what a Fisker is.

Justin also had no idea where he was, or even which direction he was driving in, saying he was new to Los Angeles, California.

Then, Justin was transfered to another operator and couldn’t tell her the number he was calling from because he didn’t know it. He then finally explained his situation, saying that he was being followed by paparazzi and a unit was dispatched to help him.

Justin seems so flustered during the call. We wish the paparazzi wouldn’t do this to him!

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