Lucas Grabeel Works Hard In The Studio On July 11, 2012

July 12, 2012 • By Home

Lucas Grabeel shared the photo above with his fans of himself in the studio on July 11, 2012. Here’s what Lucas posted along with the picture:

Working hard in the studio… So much fun, it’s hardly work!

Lucas revealed to us that he is working on new music, set to release this Summer and Fall! Here’s what he told us:

I am working on more music right now. I have a lot of music that I haven’t released so it’s up in the air as to if I meet the right person and put it all together, or if I put them out myself individually or in groups like last summer [his ‘Sunshine’ EP]. I’m working with Eric Baines who is a producer in LA, and we’re going to release a song later this summer that I’ve been working on and we wrote together called ‘Who I Want To Be.’ I have some dance music that I’ll be releasing this Summer and Fall too.

We can’t wait!

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