Miley Cyrus Is Nervous For Liam Hemsworth To Work On The Rest Of “The Hunger Games” Movies

July 14, 2012 • By Home

Uh oh. News just broke that the final book in “The Hunger Games” series will be turned into two movies. This means that in total there will be 4 movies in “The Hunger Games” franchise – and Miley Cyrus is reportedly not too happy about it.

According to stories circulating online, Miley is already begging Liam to come home for long weekends during film production since she doesn’t want to be away from him for very long. According to sources, Liam gets very “intense” during filming, and he might not be able to make a lot of time for Miley.

At least each movie only films for a few months, and then Miley and Liam will have time to be together! Unless Liam and Miley both have other projects they are planning to work on…What are your thoughts on this?

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