Miley Cyrus’ Pilates Instructor Talks About Miley’s Slimmer Figure

July 15, 2012 • By Home

Miley Cyrus has been frequenting pilates classes for a while now, and she has definitely gotten into amazing shape! Miley’s pilates instructor Mari Winsor decided to talk about Miley to the media to ward off the haters who say Miley has an eating disorder rather than is just being healthy about what she eats and how often she works out. Mari revealed to People Magazine:

I think people need to chill out. She’s healthy and feels good, that’s the main thing. She’s smart about her body. She wanted to sculpt her body, that’s all. When this girl comes in, she is on fire. She’s focused. She loves her abs, of course! She’s young and she’s got a beautiful body. What we focus on with Miley is posture. That was my main concern when she first came to me. I wanted to get her shoulders down and get her to relax her upper body. If you notice, her posture is a lot better.

What are YOUR thoughts on Miley’s slimmer figure and her workout routine? Let us know in the comments section!

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