Will “Snow White And The Huntsman 2″ Be Canceled?

July 25, 2012 • By Home

Oh no! Everyone was really looking forward to the “Snow White And The Huntsman” sequel, but now we’re wondering if it will even happen. The lead actress in the movie, Kristen Stewart, has admitted to having an affair with the movie’s director Rupert Sanders.

Kristen has been in a relationship with her “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson for years now, and Rupert is married with two kids.

In her apology statement, Kristen revealed that she loves Robert, so chances are she will try to reconcile with him. If that happens we highly doubt he would want her on a movie set with Rupert again. So, do you think “Snow White And The Huntsman 2” will be canceled? Or will they just find another director for the film?

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