Kevin Jonas Talks About His Projects Around The House

July 27, 2012 • By Home

During a promotional event for his reality show “Married To Jonas,” Kevin Jonas spoke with Access Hollywood about doing projects around the house! So, is Kevin as good at do it yourself projects as he is with music?

I’m really good with a guitar. A hammer — not so much. That’s a big part of [the show]. There’s a lot of me trying to do that stuff and I actually take pride in it because I feel like it’s ownership in something, and I feel empowered when I do it. I really enjoy it. I put all the flooring down in our basement…wood flooring. I tried and I did a pretty good job. There’s some weird cuts in a couple of places, but it’s pretty good.

Kevin’s wife Danielle Jonas added:

I [slung] a carpet over it.

Then Kevin continued:

Yeah, she did put a carpet over it. And then planting trees, some are bigger than others and some are not exactly the ones we ordered, but hey, they look great.

We can’t wait to watch “Married To Jonas” when the show premieres on August 19, 2012!

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