A Dog With A Mickey Mouse-Shaped Spot Meets Mickey Mouse!

August 2, 2012 • By Home

Aww, this is adorable! A dog with a Mickey Mouse-shaped spot on her back got to meet Mickey Mouse in person! Here’s what was posted along with the video from Disney:

The Disney Parks Blog team are huge dog lovers, which is why we couldn’t wait to introduce you to Lily, a Labrador-Catahoula pup who lives here in Central Florida. The Aguerre family couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a dog up for adoption with a perfect Mickey Mouse-shaped spot on her lower back. The Aguerres adopted the pup and chose to name her Lily (after Lillian Disney, Walt Disney’s wife). They recently brought Lily by our photo studio for a rare (and unforgettable) meet-and-greet with the Mouse himself.

How cute!

P.S. All of Lily’s owners are Disney cast members!

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