Will R5 Record A Duet With Bret Michaels?

August 2, 2012 • By Home

R5 recently performed at the New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning, and also taking the stage at the concert was Bret Michaels! Bret asked R5 if they wanted to get on stage with him and perform a song, but the Hollywood Records group had to leave to catch a flight. Bummer!

Here’s what Rydel Lynch Tweeted afterward:

@BretMichaels just asked us 2 perform a song with him. WHAT? So bummed we had to run & catch our flight! That would’ve been freakin awesome!

And Ross Lynch added:

@rydelR5 @bretmichaels I am so depressed.

Do you think that R5 and Bret will record a duet soon and release it for their fans? Do you want them to? Let us know in the poll below!

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