Disney’s “Let It Shine” DVD And Movie Soundtrack Giveaway

August 8, 2012 • By Home

Awesome news! We are giving away a fun “Let It Shine” prize pack to 2 lucky winners! The prize pack includes a copy of “Let It Shine” on DVD AND a copy of the “Let It Shine” movie soundtrack CD!

Actors in “Let It Shine” include:

Tyler James Williams
Coco Jones
Trevor Jackson
Brandon Mychal Smith
Nicole Sullivan
Dawnn Lewis
Alex Desert
Courtney B. Vance

Here is a description of the movie from Disney:

Celebrating family and friendship, the story unfolds in Atlanta, Georgia, as Cyrus DeBarge (Tyler James Williams) and his best friend Kris McDuffy (Trevor Jackson) reunite with their childhood friend, teenage singing sensation Roxanne ‘Roxie’ Andrews (Coco Jones), whose music label is sponsoring a songwriting contest at a teen club. Cyrus, who writes music under the name ‘Truth,’ crafts a heartfelt and contest-winning rhyme about Roxie but to his dismay, his work is mistakenly attributed to Kris. Lacking the confidence to step forward, Cyrus stands by while Kris not only takes credit for the lyrics, but ultimately begins to win Roxie’s heart too. Now, it’s up to the true poet to overcome self-doubt, seize the opportunity to reveal his authentic self, and pursue his dreams. At the same time, Cyrus must convince his preacher father (Courtney B. Vance) that hip-hop music can convey a positive message.

Here is the “Let It Shine” soundtrack track list:

1. Don’t Run Away (Featuring IM5/Tyler James Williams)
2. Guardian Angel (Tyler James Williams; Coco Jones)
3. Me And You (Tyler James Williams; Coco Jones)
4. What I Said (Coco Jones; Chris Carmouche)
5. Who I’m Gonna Be (Coco Jones)
6. You Belong To Me (Tyler James Williams)
7. Tonight’s The Night (Brandon Mychal Smith; Spencer Lee; Tyler James Williams)
8. Around The Block (Cast of Let It Shine)
9. Moment of Truth (Tyler James Williams, Brandon Mychal Smith)
10. Joyful Noise (Cast of Let It Shine)
11. Good To Be Home (Coco Jones)
12. Let It Shine (Tyler James Williams; Coco Jones)
13. Self Defeat (Bonus Battle: Tyler James Williams)

Enter below for your chance to win a fabulous “Let It Shine” prize pack!

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