Ashley Tisdale Talks About Her Diet And Exercise

August 9, 2012 • By Home

It’s no secret that Ashley Tisdale loves to eat healthy and work out! She spoke with OK! Magazine about her diet and exercise:

I definitely work out a lot. I have a trainer. I don’t like to say that I’m on a certain diet. I just try to eat more protein and veggies because it’s hard for me to keep muscle on, so I have to eat a lot of protein. I try to steer clear from the carbs. I’ll do a gluten-free instead of a white bread, and processed stuff I don’t like to eat. My one weakness is bread. Everybody I think has a weakness. It’s either sugar or bread, and I just love carbs. I’m not into sweets really — I can have sweets, but I don’t crave that. I totally crave sushi or anything with rice or Italian food. For me, I realized that I think I do have a gluten allergy, because I never feel great after it. I just try to stay with the good carbs, obviously. I just like a body that looks healthy. It’s not too skinny and not too curvy, but it has curves. I like to have curves. I think we’re meant to, so I just do cardio and do toning.

What are your thoughts on Ashley’s diet and exercise routine? Would it work for you?

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