Update From One Direction’s Niall Horan August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012 • By Home

One Direction member Naill Horan has updated his fans with a new blog on the One Direction website! Here’s what Niall wrote:

“Ari guys
Nialler here

Just wanted to do this blog to let you know whats goin on!

At the moment we are in the studio a lot lately! recording for album two which is comin at the end of the year!

Been in studio with rami, carl and savan who did wmyb, one thing and I wish from last album! always good to be with them boys!

I have been recording loads of guitar on tracks! so that will make the show a little more interesting for me for next year!

Also we’ve been back in the studio with ed sheeran again! really exciting stuff we got there. Also been having meetings with producers for ideas for our world tour and for the show in MSG in december..which we are super excited for..one of the most iconic venues on the planet and we get the chance to play it! amazing…

Been absolutely hooked on the olympics too! cannot stop watching it…there is a guy from mullingar where i am from! that i grew up like 100 metres from and he is in the semi finals of olympic boxing friday! so cannot wait to see that.

Also team GB have been doing great too! so its all very exciting!

Loads of super exciting stuff goin on in camp 1D ..and you will get to see and hear it all real soon!

Also guys…thank you soo much…as some of you may know..we now have 12 millions record sales worldwide..and its all down to you guys..

You mean soo much to us..and all your hard work is amazing..so thank you all soo much!

And we shall be seeing you all very soon! keep your eyes and ears open! coz we’re comin!

Ps.. all the boys send their love! and everyones havin a good time…

Love you all

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