Jon Chu Reveals Details About Justin Bieber’s Believe Concert Tour

August 17, 2012 • By Home

Justin Bieber’s Believe concert tour is about to begin and the director Jon Chu spoke with E! News about the show! It sure sounds like you don’t want to miss Justin’s concert! Read below to learn more!

We’re trying to make it fun. Every time I go too serious, it becomes boring. It’s like, ‘We’ve seen that before.’ So Justin’s at a point where you want the biggest, funnest adventure you can go on. We’re playing it like a big Disneyland ride. There’s going to be things that fall on you. The things where you think they are, aren’t really there. We’re trying to make it an immersive experience so you never know what to expect. The hardest thing for me as a director is that people love to join him in difference cities. Every city we go to there’s some artist in town who wants to get up on stage and Justin’s great like that. Literally, it’s by the seat of your pants. We have things planned, but then you throw in Snoop Dogg, you throw in Kanye West, you throw whoever in there and you just go with it and you roll.

Do YOU have tickets to see Justin on tour? This sounds like so much fun!

P.S. We are excited to see Justin take the stage with Carly Rae Jepsen live in concert! The duo recorded a duet for Carly’s upcoming album “KISS” and we have a feeling they’re going to perform it during the Believe shows!

Carly’s album arrives on September 18, 2012! Do you plan on picking it up?

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