Did One Direction’s Zayn Malik Cheat On His Girlfriend Perrie Edwards

August 22, 2012 • By Home

Oh no! One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards make such an adorable couple, but after this news we’re not sure that they’ll still be together! Someone who was staying at the same hotel as Zayn Malik caught the video of Zayn below from the hotel room door’s peep hole. In the video you can see Zayn inviting one of his fans into his hotel room, but before they could get inside Zayn’s bodyguards stop the girl.

The bodyguards tell the girl to leave and Zayn tells her to come back in a half hour when the bodyguards are asleep. This prompts the guards to tell each other they’ll be up all night standing outside of Zayn’s door.

While at first we thought that this might be a fake video, we’re not so sure what to think now that Zayn has deleted his Twitter account. Watch below and let us know what YOU think!

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