Emma Stone Wishes She Could Be As Open With Her Fans As Taylor Swift Is With Hers

August 28, 2012 • By Home

Emma Stone spoke with Interview magazine about one of her BFFs Taylor Swift! Emma revealed that she wishes she could be as open with her fans as Taylor is with her own. However, the differences between singing and acting make it hard for Emma to do so while it’s easier for Taylor.

Taylor is a musician who does things under her own name and tells her own stories—her songs and her albums are her. Whereas I’m playing characters, so that kind of authenticity of self in this job is a little bit different. A lot of times I feel like people come up to me because they think I’m like my character in Easy A, or because they’ve seen me in interviews, but really what they’re a fan of is a movie or a character.

We would love to see Emma and Taylor work together in a movie! What about you?

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