Lindsay Lohan Is The Suspect In A Robbery Case

August 28, 2012 • By Home

Oh no, and we thought Lindsay Lohan had her life back on track! The former Disney star is the suspect in a robbery case. $100,000 worth of watches and fashion accessories were stolen from Lindsay’s friend Sam Magid’s home, and Lindsay is trying to put the blame on Suge Knight’s son Andrew Knight.

According to Sam, Andrew and another friend told him that Lindsay handed them a bag with some stolen items wrapped in her t-shirt inside of it. Andrew and his friend returned the items to Sam, however other items were still missing.

Sam has also told police that when he spoke with Lindsay about the incident she claimed that she had hidden some of the items around the house because she thought that they might be stolen by burglars. In addition, Lindsay told Sam that she had taken a sleeping pill while she was at his home and that she is a bit confused about what exactly happened during that time.

Yikes! We’ll keep you posted.

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