Debby Ryan RyanStyle Episode 1 “Fashionscool”

August 30, 2012 • By Home

Debby Ryan has a brand new web series called RyanStyle! The first episode has just arrived, and it is titled “Fashionscool.” Here’s what Debby shared along with the episode:

“Class is now in session! The first episode of RyanStyle is your host, yours truly, taking you through 4 major trends that you need for this upcoming school season, including tips on how to ‘Make It Yours’ + help your style graduate up a grade as you do.

I think you are brilliant, fun individuals + can’t wait to see how you incorporate RyanStyle into your look this school year. pics or it didn’t happen!

extra credit: after you’ve gotten the gist of the video the first time around, watch the icons in the bottom left corner. we’re showing you exactly how & where WE used your school supplies.

have an amazing school year, you geniuses, and put your best loafer forward.

What do you think of Debby’s fashion advice? Let us know in the comments section!

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