Lucy Hale Updates Her Fans About Her Country Album September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012 • By Home

Lucy Hale signed to Hollywood Records earlier this year and announced that she was working on a country album. Now we know that things are going really well for Lucy – here’s what she told her fans:

I know I’ve been a little mum about everything on the music front, but things are going amazingly well. Can’t wait to fill you in more. Xx

And we can’t wait to hear more! No word yet when Lucy plans to release her country album, but our guess would be later this year or early next year. Then, we have a feeling Lucy will be going on tour, but that won’t happen until the tour doesn’t conflict with her “Pretty Little Liars” filming schedule.

Is there any other country artist that you would like to see Lucy work with on a song? Let us know in the comments section!

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