ABC’s “Revenge” Season 2 Update

September 12, 2012 • By Home

Uh oh! ABC’s “Revenge” season 2 will open with a big event, just like the first season did. And, just like the first season there will be something terrible that happens!

What we now know is that the opening sequence will take place aboard Jack’s boat, and someone will be “tied” to it. We’re not sure if this means there is going to be a wedding taking place on the boat, or if there will physically be someone tied to the ship.

Then, something devastating is going to happen to the characters, and we’re going to then flash back again like we did in the first season and spend the rest of the second season watching what happened leading up to the first scene.

Get ready for the second season of “Revenge” to arrive on September 30, 2012!

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