Happy 19th Birthday To One Direction’s Niall Horan September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012 • By Home

We want to wish a very happy 19th birthday to One Direction member Niall Horan! Niall took to Twitter this morning to chat about his birthday with his fans:

I just woke up! im 19 wohoooo! thank you all soo much for the birthday wishes and stuff! love u. gona havta ask my mother again..but i think i was born around this time of the morning..so like 8:15/ 8:30am. look out the window..see rain! perfect weather for golf….naaaatttt

If you could give Niall anything for his big day what would it be? We would make the rain stop so he could go golfing, or we’d get him a super big umbrella!

Happy Birthday Niall!

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