Justin Bieber Likes When People Judge Him Based On His Music

September 14, 2012 • By Home

During his recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber revealed that he prefers it when people judge him based on his music rather than his physical presence. Justin spoke to Ryan about his new “Believe” album, stating:

I think ‘Believe’ is really — my new album has really showcased what I’m capable of — especially becoming an 18-year-old and becoming an adult. And hearing older people say, ‘Wow, this new album’s great. Like I didn’t know that was Justin Bieber.’ Or, you know, ‘Wow, like I never used to listen to Justin Bieber’s music, and now I like his music.’ Or — ‘This, ‘As Long As You Love Me,’ that’s Justin Bieber singing?’ Like, I like those reactions, because I feel like they’re now — they’re — judging me based on my music and not based on, you know, my — a flick of my hair. You know?

Justin is taking his music and leaving on a worldwide tour soon! Do you have tickets to any of the shows?

P.S. Which song on Justin’s “Believe” album is your favorite?

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