Is ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” Too Scary?

October 4, 2012 • By Home

We love Terry O’Quinn (“LOST”) in the new ABC show “666 Park Avenue.” We think he is the perfect fit for the character he plays on the show, and we love that the character he plays seems a bit like the “LOST” character The Man In Black that he played for a while.

As much as we love Terry’s character on the show though, it’s a bit too creepy for us – especially in the late time slot it’s in. We prefer to watch scary movies or TV shows during the daytime, rather than just before bed. And even during the daylight, “666 Park Avenue” is more like a scary movie than an intense TV show like “LOST” or “Revenge.”

Do YOU think “666 Park Avenue” is too scary? Or is it the perfect TV show for you?

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