ABC’s “Nashville” Season 1 Episode 1 Review

October 5, 2012 • By Home

We watched the first episode of ABC’s new show “Nashville” on Hulu last night, and we can’t decide how we feel about the show. “Nashville” stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere and is about a country star who realizes she is being passed in the industry by an up and coming star with a bit of an attitude. The only way that Connie’s character can keep making money is by joining the young stars’ concert tour, but she is too proud to do that. She is also too proud to take money from her father who she doesn’t have the best relationship with.

We think the show has an interesting concept and we love the way it is filmed – it feels more like a reality show than a scripted TV series. But there were a lot of characters thrown at us all in the first episode, and we thought it was difficult to keep track of them all. We’ve got the singers, then we’ve got the band members, the families, the mayoral campaign and more! It’s a lot to take in in the first episode! However, maybe things will slow down in the next episodes now that we have been introduced to everyone.

Have YOU seen “Nashville”? The show premieres on ABC on October 10, 2012. Once you watch the first episode be sure to let us know what you think! We’ll be tuning in for episode two with our fingers crossed that the show is a bit less confusing!

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