Danielle Jonas Does Not Want To Go On Tour With Kevin Jonas

October 10, 2012 • By Home

During the last episode of Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas‘ reality show “Married To Jonas,” Danielle revealed some news that upset Kevin. It turns out, Danielle doesn’t want to go on tour with him.

Kevin asked Danielle’s family if they could check in on their home in New Jersey while he and Danielle were away on tour this month with the Jonas Brothers and Danielle told Kevin that she wasn’t planning on going with him. Instead, Danielle wants to stay home and volunteer for an organization, or do something else for herself.

Danielle revealed that she doesn’t have a lot of fun on tour with Kevin since he’s always so busy. But, Kevin says he has a better show with Danielle around.

We wonder if this means that Danielle also doesn’t want to tour with the Jonas Brothers when they leave for three or four months after releasing their new album. We’ll keep you posted!

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