Did Jake Gyllenhaal Send An Angry Email To Taylor Swift About “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”?

October 26, 2012 • By Home

During an interview with David Letterman, David asked Taylor Swift to write a song about him. Taylor said she would, but she didn’t want to get any angry emails afterward, which is something she says she gets a lot.

Taylor made it sound like she had gotten an email from an angry ex-boyfriend recently, stating that the subject line was “Thoughts…” Do you think Taylor got an email from Jake Gyllenhaal about her new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? Or, do you think she got a note from someone else?

Hopefully Taylor hasn’t gotten any angry emails from her most recent ex – Conor Kennedy! We’re so bummed these two broke up, and we hope that the song lyrics “we are never ever getting back together” don’t apply this time around!

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